Giusto Sapore Vesuviotti Durum Wheat Semolina 454g 6-Pack Gourmet Pasta

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Giusto Sapore Italian Pasta - Vesuviotti 454g - Premium Organic Bronze Drawn Durum Wheat Semolina Gourmet Pasta Brand - 6 pack

  • FAMILY MADE: Premium gourmet Vesuviotti italian pasta brand that is imported and made in Italy. Enjoy an authentic taste of carefully-crafted Italian pasta in every bite!
  • INGREDIENTS: Giusto Sapore imported Vesuviotti Gourmet Italian Pasta is made from the finest quality durum wheat semolina and only uses the finest ingredients.
  • PROCESS: Ancient, traditional bronze-drawn process that enhances the texture and surface to better absorb more seasonings and sauce. It is then slow dried to ensure a firm shape that will not break down during cooking.
  • IDEA: We have set out to bring the finest italian pasta from Italy to you. Once you have authentic Italian pasta you will never want any other kind.
  • SERVE: Serve with our Giusto Sapore Extra Virgin Olive Oil and make a meal that is amazing!

Our premium pasta is imported from Italy, and made from organic, durum wheat semolina with no additives. The noodles are slowly dried at a low temperature to ensure a firm shape when cooking. Low fat, sodium-free, and a great source of protein, any variety can be served with products found in your pantry, including pasta sauce and other foods. Each cut is shaped in a specific and creative way to adapt to diverse sauces and textures. Use our delicious, high-quality pasta to create a flavorful dish your friends and family will love!

short italian pasta cuts

short pasta cuts

short pasta cuts

Sea Food Italian Pasta

Giusto Sapore Short Cut Pasta

Our short cut pasta is the ideal addition to any soup, salad, or saucy dish. The shorter length, but thicker width helps to capture the flavor and ensure delicious coverage in every bite. Use smooth-edged pasta with thick or chunky sauce, and use ridged pasta with thinner sauce. Each of these fanciful shapes is a delicious complement to your next culinary creation.


Long Italian PAsta Cuts

squid ink long pasta cuts

long pasta cuts

Long Pasta Cut

Giusto Sapore Long Cut Pasta

Our long cut pasta can be used for lighter dishes or a heartier, meaty dish. Longer ribbons soak up thinner or more liquid-based sauces. Delicate tendrils, like angel-hair, pair best with olive oil or butter-based sauce, as they are too fine to stand their own against a thick meat sauce. The classic spaghetti helps to smooth out any dish. Any of our long cut pasta will help you to explore the endless possibilities in the world of culinary excellence.