Giusto Sapore Classic Pappardelle All Vovo Egg Pasta Nest - 340g - 6-pack

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Pappardella egg pasta

Tagliatella Egg Pasta

Tagliolino Egg Pasta


Egg Pappardella was born to be dressed in rich sauces and hearty ragouts. The prominent width of Pappardella allows its taste to stand out even when combined with strong flavors


Egg Tagliatella is the queen of primi piatti (first course) in leisurely, Italian dining. Their moderate width makes them ideal for dressing with simple sauces such as a tomato base with basil.


Egg Tagliolino, or Tajarin in Piedmont dialect, is the classic pasta of nothern Italy’s beloved Langhe Region. These long, timeless ribbons are best served with a small amount of quality butter and a generous glass of mild red wine.

Italian Egg Pasta Tagliatella Pappardella Tagliolino

Pappardella, Tagliatella & Tagliolino

Our egg pastas are made with only the finest ingredients and given special care in every curl, tangle, and fold. Italian durum wheat is expertly ground to produce semolina - a grain high in protein, iron, and fiber. Golden semolina is then mixed with fresh eggs for a traditional standard you can taste.

With your favorite sauces in mind, we’ve perfected the coarse texture of our pasta to ensure that each noodle is coated with love. We achieved this with the “bronze die extrusion” method, which gently releases artisanal-quality strands of our exclusive dough.

Bronze Die Extrusion

Made With Fresh Eggs

Italian Durum Wheat Semolina

Artisanal Production