Giusto Sapore Barolo Tagliatelle Italian Egg Pasta Nest 340g 6 pack

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Borolo Egg Pasta

Lemon Egg Pasta



Our grandparents understood that fresh egg pasta and good red wine make a perfect marriage, which inspired us to infuse our handmade Tagliatella dough with DOCG-grade Barolo wine. Inherent to Italy’s beloved Langhe hills, Barolo truly is “the king of wines and the wine of the kings”. The superior DOCG status of our star ingredient is the highest classification awarded that ensures the utmost quality. Each maroon, finished nest is dye-free and packaged by hand. Our Barolo-infused Tagliatella pairs wonderfully with a light, white ragout made with beef or Italian sausage.


Egg Tagliatella is the queen of primi piatti (first course) in leisurely, Italian dining. Our Lemon Tagliatella features a refreshing infusion of dried lemons with our delicious Tagliatella. Each beautiful, finished nest is dye-free and packaged by hand. Enjoy their carefully crafted tanginess with salmon, clams, prawns, or your favorite seafood.

Specialty Egg Pasta

Barolo & Lemon

Our egg pastas are made with only the finest ingredients and given special care in every curl, tangle, and fold. Italian durum wheat is expertly ground to produce semolina - a grain high in protein, iron, and fiber. Golden semolina is then mixed with fresh eggs for a traditional standard you can taste.

With your favorite sauces in mind, we’ve perfected the coarse texture of our pasta to ensure that each noodle is coated with love. We achieved this with the “bronze die extrusion” method, which gently releases artisanal-quality strands of our exclusive dough.

Bronze Die Extrusion

Made With Fresh Eggs

Italian Durum Wheat Semolina

Artisanal Production