Giusto Sapore Barolo Tagliatelle Italian Egg Pasta Nest - 340g -Wheat-6Pack

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Giusto Sapore Barolo Tagliatelle Italian Egg Pasta Nest - 340g - Premium Bronze Wheat Semolina Gourmet Pasta Noodles Brand - 6 pack

Our grandparents understood that fresh egg pasta and good red wine make a perfect marriage, which inspired us to infuse our handmade Tagliatella dough with DOCG-grade Barolo wine. Inherent to Italy’s beloved Langhe hills, Barolo truly is “the king of wines and the wine of the kings”. The superior DOCG status of our star ingredient is the highest classification awarded that ensures the utmost quality. Each maroon, finished nest is dye-free and packaged by hand. Our Barolo-infused Tagliatella pairs wonderfully with a light, white ragout made with beef or Italian sausage.

  • FAMILY MADE: Premium gourmet Italian pasta brand that is imported and made in Italy. Enjoy an authentic taste of carefully-crafted Italian pasta in every bite!
  • INGREDIENTS: Giusto Sapore imported Gourmet Italian Pasta is made from the finest quality durum wheat semolina and only uses the finest ingredients.
  • PROCESS: Ancient, traditional bronze-drawn process that enhances the texture and surface to better absorb more seasonings and sauce. It is then slow dried to ensure a firm shape that will not break down during cooking.
  • IDEA: We have set out to bring the finest Italian pasta from Italy to you. Once you have authentic Italian pasta you will never want any other kind.
  • SERVE: Serve with our Giusto Sapore Extra Virgin Olive Oil and make a meal that is amazing!