Giusto Sapore Artichoke Bruschetta Spread 10.23oz-Italian Gourmet-6Pack

  • Manufacturer:Giusto Sapore
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Giusto Sapore Artichoke Bruschetta Spread 10.23oz - Non GMO Italian Premium Gourmet Brand - 6 pack

SERVE: on crackers, crostini and of course, bruschette. USE: These versatile spreads can be mixed with mayonnaise to create aioli or with tomato sauce for pasta, used in sandwiches, to top a pizza or swirled into focaccia dough. FOR USE: Try these as tasty accompaniments with grilled meats or use as a party dip – there are endless possibilities. FLAVOR: Champignon artichoke are finely ground and seasoned with parsley, chili, basil and garlic.