Giusto Sapore Artichoke & Olive Bruschetta Spread Gourmet Brand 10.23oz 6-Pack

  • Manufacturer:Giusto Sapore
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Giusto Sapore Artichoke & Olive Bruschetta Spread 10.23oz - Non GMO Italian Premium Gourmet Brand - 6 pack

Giusto Sapore Bruschetta Spreads
 are a flavorful taste of Italy to serve on crackers, crostini and of course, bruschette. These delicious savory spreads are packed in distinctive 10.23 ounce orcio glass jars.

These versatile spreads can be mixed with mayonnaise to create aioli or with tomato sauce for pasta, used in sandwiches, to top a pizza or swirled into focaccia dough. Try these as tasty accompaniments with grilled meats or use as a party dip – there are endless possibilities.