Giusto Sapore Basil Pesto Spreads 9.8oz -Non GMO Gourmet Brand - 6 pack

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Giusto Sapore Basil Pesto Spreads 9.8oz - All Natural Non GMO Italian Premium Gourmet Brand  6-Pack

Giusto Sapore Basil Pesto "Pesto Genovese" Spread 9.8oz

BASIL PESTO “Pesto Genovese”

Created in the Northern Italian town of Genoa, Italy, this basil-based pesto is the most common pesto flavor. 
It is a savory blend of grated hard cheese, pine nuts, garlicand sunflower oil. This distinctive sauce can be enjoyed with any pasta dinner, as a spread on a sandwich or as a dip for your appetizers.

Giusto Sapore, (joos-stǒ sa-ṕo-ṝe), Italian for Just the Right Flavor, is the retail brand for Just Ryt Foods, Inc. The South Florida based company founded in 2010 specializes in importing Italian and Mediterranean fine foods.

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